Closed Project


Despite being a promising and lively playground, sound design is not a solid discipline yet. We believe that the reason is to be found in the lack of design-oriented measurement and evaluation tools.

The CLOSED project aims at providing a functional-aesthetic sound measurement tool that can be profitably used by designers. At one end, this tool will be linked with physical attributes of sound-enhanced everyday objects; at the other end it will relate to user emotional response. The measurement tool will be made of a set of easy-to-interpret indicators, which will be related to use in natural context, and it will be integrated in the product design process to facilitate the control of sonic aspects of objects, functionalities, and services encountered in everyday settings.

The aim of the CLOSED project is to provide such concepts and tools, toward closing the loop of sound evaluation and design.

Contact: Patrick Susini, Project Coordinator
Guillaume Lemaitre, Project Co-coordinator
Duration: July 1, 2006-June 30, 2009

FP6-NEST-PATH "measuring the impossible" project no 29085

The design process implies an iterative loop which compares the quality of a Sound with pre-defined Specifications, and which Evaluates and refines the sound Creation until those specifications may be adequately met.