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The CLOSED project is divided into four deeply interacting research paths, corresponding to the core skills of the partners that form the consortium:

  • Based on modelling of physical phenomena, the project will provide sound synthesis modules linked to the perceived characteristics of basic sound events. This is the "Building blocks" component.
  • Based on interaction design research, the project will single out basic interaction primitives, create prototypes artifacts to illustrate them, and innovate a methodology for the design of sonically enhanced interactive objects. This is the "Sound product design" component.
  • Based on psychological experiments, the project will provide a model of the perception of everyday sounds, relating function, aesthetics, and emotion to the basic characteristics of sound events. This is the "Human reception" component.
  • Using machine learning techniques, the project will create measurement tools which automatically extract basic sound event characteristics and relate them to function, aesthetics and emotions. This is the "Measurement definition" component.