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Susini P., N. Misdariis, G. Lemaitre, O. Houix, D. Rocchesso, P. Polotti, K. Franinovic, Y. Visell, K. Obermayer, H. Purwins and  K. Adiloglu, Closing the Loop of Sound Evaluation and Design, 2nd ISCA/DEGA Tutorial & Research Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems, Berlin Germany 4-6 September 2006.

Y. Visell, The Sensual Move: Gesture Learning and Sensorimotor Interaction Design, ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI), Banff, Canada, 2006.


K. Franinovic, D. Hug, Y. Visell,  Sound Embodied: Explorations of Sonic Interaction Design for Everyday Objects in a Workshop Setting, Proceedings of the International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD), Montreal, Canada, 2007.

S. Delle Monache, P. Polotti, S. Papetti,  Gamelunch, a physical-based sonic dining table, Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007.

F. Fontana and D. Rocchesso,  Auditory distance perception in the acoustic pipe, accepted for publication in ACM Transactions on Applied Perception.

C. Drioli and D. Rocchesso, On the use of Kernel-based methods in sound synthesis by physical modeling, accepted for publication in Numerical Algorithms.